Sunday, May 27, 2007

:+: Sardinised :+:

Happy Good Jolly Sunday to you all..

Nowadays, I have to wake up early on Sunday for breakfast. huuu... My beloved sleep.

Anyway, guess what I saw at BDC Crystal Shopping Complex:

Gosh.. Even pau also they 不放过 (don't let go). They even sardinised the pau. Ewww.. Sardine sandwich still.. erkz.. okay lar, but Pau Ikan Sardin?! IT's a BIG NO NO to me man.. yerkz.. Selling at RM1.40, Cha Siu Pao which costs only RM1.00, yet SATISFYING, still 'own' it arrrr..

Well, what do you expect? It's "Pau Istimewa", special pau mar..

to me
Cha Siu Pau still OWNING!
- Kebabian -


ehon said...

Cha Sio Pao wins BIG TIME!!! Wahahahahaha!

a n n n a said...