Friday, June 29, 2007

:+: Kin Jio Hiok :+:

LL Banana Leaf is a South Indian Cafe. The taukeh-nio's name is Lucy. How I know? I know lar.. Yerdeh~

Long long time ago, in the Satok Land, there was a man who worked there. That man is my Daddy. When he first graduaded from Uni (far far away from Kuching), he started working for some firm in the same block as LL Banana Leaf. So, he came here for lunch very often. Therefore, know the taukeh-nio name lor. He Likes their Mutton Curry till this present day. And his love for mutton curry was carried down to his daughter, me lor..

Actually hor, come to LL Banana Leaf sure eat banana leaf lo...
Kekeke.. I'm SERIOUS *giving a very serious face*. Here in Lucy's, they are famous for their Vegetarian Banana Leaf. First they set a piece of clean banana leaf in front of you. Then, you take a piece of tissue and gulung with the banana leaf and start eating that way.
grok grok..


The tissue paper is to dry your leaf lar.

When your leaf is dried, they will start serving vegetables. Lots and lots of vegetables. You can mintak manyak manyak if you like to. After all, this Vegetarian Banana Leaf is like buffet just not self service. You can ask for refill as long as you can finish them.

There are two types of rice for you to choose, Nasi Briyani and Plain White Rice. I chose Plain White Rice because the Nasi Briyani alone got bermacam-macam goodies in it and there's so many veges and curry to go with. How to eat? Just keep it simple, plain white rice will do just fine. (:

A: Spinach
B: Long beans
C: Money Chai and Pumpkin
D: Spicy Ikan Bilis
E: My favourite Yummilicious No. 1 Spicy Pineapple
F: Cucumber and Tomato pickles
G: Papadham Best cracker in the world
H: My favourite Mutton Curry
This mutton curry does not come with the 'buffet'. Hence, it's called Vegetarian Banana Leaf. The mutton curry is additional dish. This is a must EAT dish when you come to Lucy's.

This is Asam Curry Fish. It's spicy and sour. I'm not sure what's the fish they use, but one thing for sure, there's something fishy in there. kekeke...

This is their special drink. I never knew they serve such NICE YUMMYLICIOUS drink till Gladys ordered it. It taste exactly like the yoghurt drink you buy from Supermarket, just that it tastes fresher and nicer here. I'll order one of this when I go to Lucy's next time.
I like these two pictures and I can't decide which to upload so I uploaded both. Kekeke...

This one everyone knows what it is and how it tastes like. But in Lucy's, their Teh Tarik is NOT SO EXAGERATING DIEBETES SWEET unlike those mamak who like to taruh (put) LITRES of condensed milk into the tea before they start pulling (tarik the teh). You can taste that they not only use condense milk but also creamer milk (eg: Ideal Milk) giving it creamy milky taste without being TOO sweet. I like.

I didn't get any refill though. My cousin and aunty did. (Tua Chiakness) XDD
When you're done eating, just fold the banana leaf in halves, but I terer go fold in threes. Kekeke..


gLaDieZz said...

Finally... An update... Wakakaka!

gLaDieZz said...

Tua Chiakness : Baru know what is nice mah... You tidak manyak makan mana tahu leh? Makan here, makan there... Try try try.... YUM YUM

jimmychin said...

WOW! special...
i ever go there N years ago... wakkakaa

a n n n a said...

][jimmy][ kekeke.. i think LL Banana Leaf is around 25++ years old edi.

][gladiezz][ lol.. shud go out food hunting together again. kekeke..

zewt said...

that mango yogurt looks damn goooooooooooooooooood!!!

MedicBoyz said...

nice blog about cooking.
the food must be nice with pretty gal cooking.

a n n n a said...

][zewt][ it is! xDD

][medicboyz][ thanks! *^.^*

Johnny Ong said...

like the way u itemised those food items there...hehe

a n n n a said...

][johnny][ hohoho.. kam sia kam sia..