Friday, June 29, 2007

:+: Pictureless :+:

Can you all imagine blogging about food without pictures??

It's going to be so hard to describe how the food/drinks look like. A simple picture of it can tell a thousand words. Fuhh..

For example:

It is long and hard. It's best when it's fresh, young and hard. Each time it goes in and out, in and out, many many times in and out until it turn soft and out of juice. It will produce sweet and refreshing juice. It tastes the best when it's freshly made. If it's old and soft, forget about it. The juice would be very limited and there's no point milking juice out of it. Albeit, the juice ain't as sweet as the young hard ones.

This is one of my favourite drink.

Now now, in your opinion, what is the name of this drink?

There's no picture for it yet. Therefore, use your imagination and creativity.

** Special thanks to Gladys for reminding me about this special drink when we were out of water and hunger in thirst during our little hike at Mt. Singai. **


YOMI said...

I know!! SUGARCANE!! =P Weeee~ I like too!!

a n n n a said...