Thursday, June 28, 2007

:+: Siburan Carnival 2007 :+:

Jang Jang Jang~~

I now Present you...

Siburan Carnival 2007
Organized by TheLife

The carnival starts tomorrow (29 June - 8 July 2007). There will be Food Fair, Trade Fair, Performance and Competitions held at the carnival. For more information please visit here *click*.

Stage Performers

So many programmes in so many days..

Pergi la.. Jangan tak pergi

See you there...


crispy said...

that place quite far away :/

btw nice ride haha

a n n n a said...

it's bout 3hours ride man.. can go during the weekend lo. Kekeke..

Thx.. Wanna hop on? XD

jimmychin said...

annna, u date me out lorr.. so i will go lor... haha... far far... :P

CRIZ LAI said... many things to do wor...but i am so far away :(

a n n n a said...

jimmy: kekekkee.. but i'm goin to kubah national park on sun! go hiking den enjoy nature and indulge nature's spa at the waterfall..

criz: ngekngekngek.. nvm... i use my ride to pick u. =P

jimmychin said...

annna, haha, go matang so good.. long time didn't go there...

a n n n a said...

can't wait till tml lar.. ngekngekngek