Wednesday, June 27, 2007

:+: Okui.Net :+:

First of all, many ThankS to Okui.Net (Streamyx). Eversince the Rainbow hugging the Sun incident, I can't seem to online as smoothly as before. I can't even upload new pictures for my previous post!! ARGHH!!! Is it caused by the weather? The cables got dried up?? Did the ants drink up the ports?

I've made several calls of complaints to their Okui.Services @ 1300-88-9515. Finally, (last night) they decided to send over the technician to check on the problem TODAY.

, they never came and the En. Teknikal called and said that there are some problems with the area ports (Telekom Centre Simpang Tiga) and the cables need to be fixed. However, they can't do it ASAP as they need to contact the main office first and bla bla bla approval from somewhere bla bla bla pass to somewhere bla bla bla. Even En. Teknikal can't say when I can online as smoothly as before.


How can they do this to ME?! Now, I can't even stay online for more than 10 seconds, after 10secs DC, 10 secs later connected then DC again then ON again. My Okui.Net is so **cked up now. It's like our car's signal light. ON OFF ON OFF tip tup tip tup

No Internet
No Gunbound
No Blogging
No Chit Chatting

Can you imagine my life right now??


*long piak*
A simple post as this post took me hours just to publish it.


jimmychin said...

this one call malaysia boleh. Streamyx lagi boleh... This problem always happen to me... I complain streamyx until i scold them..everytime down, i need to wait half month... wtf

CRIZ LAI said...

You think only "Slowyx" as we always called them has the only problem. My Maxis also gave me a "day off". I can't even online the whole of Monday. Life is so hard that day. Die lar...I think I am addicted to the internet.. LOL