Friday, March 11, 2005

David Tao - Promo Tour

Do you know that David Tao is coming to Malaysia for the Promo Tour organised by Hotlink?

Recently, you can see my messenger nick is '陶 喆 来 Kuching :D KCH Showcase: 17-03-05 8pm MBKS Indoor stadium, Ticket Redemption: 12-03-05&13-03-05 1pm Wisma Saberkas.'

Well, yea... David Tao is coming to Malaysia... even to Kuching! XD *Happynye~*

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Some of you may not know how toget the tickets for the showcase. Need not worry, Anna will help. ^^V


Showacase: 17-03-05 8pm MBKS Indoor stadium,Kuching

Ticket Redemption: 12-03-05 & 13-03-05 1pm Wisma Saberkas, Kuching


Showcase: 18-03-05 8pm Upper Penang Road, Penang (Next to City Bayview and E&O Hotels) Ticket Redemption: 6-03-05 1pm Gurney Plaza, Penang


Showcase: 19-03-05 8pm Sunway Surf Beach, Selangor,

Ticket Redemption: 05-03-05 1pm Sg wang Plaza.


Autograph Session 16-3-05 8pm Terminal 1, Seremban

19-3-05 2 pm Ipoh Parade, Perak (not confirmed)

For further enquiries on the showcases or autograph session, please feel free to contact the galaxy hotline at 03-2282 2020

HOTLINK on tour activites

David Tao In Malaysia

Hotlink Club members:

- Top up RM30 and get 6 Six Free hotlink zone showcase tickets

- 20% discount on David's latest album

For those who are not a Hotlink member, do not feel despair because, you too can get the tickets. :)

There are 3 ways to redeem the tickets:

1. if you ORDER David's album on that day pre-order 16th Jan in Mid Valley, a showcase coupon is given with every album ORDERED. This coupon can be redeem two (2) showcase tickets.

2. For Hotlink member, your phone credit must be at least RM30 or more, then you can redeem six (6) showcase tickets.

3. Bring original CD redeem four (4) showcase tickets. Cassette can redeem two(2) showcase tickets.

You can visit galaxy or Hotlink for more information.

Hope to see you there!!

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