Tuesday, May 22, 2007

:+: Advertlets Review :+:

Do you know that Advertlets.com is giving away RM15,000 this month? That's 15k man!

Well, there's no free lunch in this world. You have to work your way to the $$ *kaching kaching*
You'll have to write a review on Advertlets. Well, the lucky winner won't get RM15,000. No? Hehe.. Sharing is Caring. Advertlets is giving RM50 each away to 300 Malaysian Advertlets Bloggers for reviews on their service.

RM50 x 300 = RM15,000

This opportunity closes 31st May 2007. If I'm one of the 300, I'll be RM50 richer. hoho...

"jimmychin: hi anna, do you wan other advertisement company in malaysia...? come to join www.advertlets.com this one earn more :)"

By his words, "...this one earn more", I instantly registered an account in Advertlets. *tao chio tao chio*

Thanks Jimmy for introducing Advertlets. Really need more *kaching kaching* $$$. I'm not soooo Money minded, okay? Just that, I need more *kaching kaching* $$$. I spend more than what I earn. Need to start saving for the future <-- Buuu Buuu... Virgo whistling...

Look at this! I so like it. It's like those themes that says, "Earn while you Blog" and "Blog while you Advertise". Advertisers and Bloggers do what they love and get what they love too. *kaching kaching*

Other than that, I really like their cartoons orh.. So cute and umm.. why only guys cartoons?

Advertlets not only benefits the bloggers but also the advertisers. If you would like to advertise your products and services online, you can opt for Advertlets. Basically, Adverlets is working on marketing scheme and networking. Is it not? Good marketing, good feedback. More feedback, more profits. More profits = More $$.

Now that I have Advertlets, I really do hope to get more inflows (readers & $$). Inflows won't come in as easy as snapping fingers, I have to work for it. I have to put in more effort and improve my:
  • blogging skills
  • phototaking skills
  • charismatic skills
  • etc..
I really admire 5Xmom. She earns while doing what she likes, blogging. If I have 10% of her skills, I think I would be 50% richer than before. nyek nyek nyek..

Now now..

Be a Darling and take the poll by the sidebar. *kaching smile $.$*
Thanks in advance. *another kaching smile $.$*

Lastly, I hope that Advertlets would organise something like this again. hehe...

For more information on Advertlets, just give it a click here --> Advertlets


5xmom.com said...

I didn't sign up with advertlets but I have earned over RM1K with nuffnang liao. BTW, I have paid RM200 for your site liao, you get in touch with Bryan and get it up hor?

a n n n a said...

5Xmom: Thanks everything! RM1k!! WOW!! Hou Geng! now that's kicking me working! XD

Rabbit said...

Keke! I like the way u go Ka Ching Ka Ching! I can really picture the money going into the pocket. Ka ching ka ching!

a n n n a said...

rabbit: kikiki... Glad u like it. can even imagine the kaching kaching fly when it gets into my hands.
~|$|~ ~|$|~

zewt said...

wahh... why 5xmom pay 200 for your site ah?

i noticed if you have nuffnang and then advertlets... u will tend not to get ads from nuffnang...

oh, so you're an accountig student eh... hmmm.... pretty much looking forward to the woring world? :)